The importance of confidence

One thing many trans folk find difficult prior to and in early transition is to be able to be confident when out in public. In those early days, we are often terrified to leave the house when presenting as our identified gender. There are things we see in ourselves that we feel are immediate “tells” that we’re trans, and believe that because they are so vivid to us, that they will be to everyone else we encounter.

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Am I trans enough?

By Janet Logan

Have you asked yourself “Am I trans enough?” This is a particularly significant question for transgender people who waited until later in life to transition or are only just now exploring their gender as adults. The standard narrative of “I knew since I was a child” and “I transitioned young” certainly is a feel-good narrative. However, the alternative that turns out to be true for many, many people is that we knew something was wrong, but couldn’t understand what that something was. We went many years thinking that we were somehow wrong, and begrudgingly accepting that we were broken.

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Guest article: “Am I Transgender?”

The following article was written by Janet Logan, who lives in the United States and is both a friend and someone I highly respect and admire. After having to delay transitioning due to her wife’s illness and subsequent passing, Janet transitioned nine years ago. I value her wisdom and insight and was grateful when she agreed to write this article.

Am I Transgender?

I am a transgender woman. I am not a professional counselor. I have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria. I am romantically attracted to women, which makes me a lesbian. There is a common misconception among cisgender people that trans people, by definition, experience a particular sexual orientation. To be specific, that trans women are really just effeminate gay men, and that trans men are just masculine lesbians. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

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