Trans Counselling QLD was established in 2015 as a support service in the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast area in South East Queensland for transgender people before, during and after transitioning. While there are many services available to transgender children and youths, there was a gap in available support for adults who transition later in life.

To that end, Trans Counselling QLD primarily focuses on older trans folk who face a different set of challenges from those who transition as children or young adults, such as spouses, careers, family, and friends.

We are not psychologists; rather we work with you alongside your therapist to help you deal with the day to day issues of transitioning and post-transition.

Who are we?



I started transitioning in 2013 and was referred to a wonderful therapist who helped me enormously. While I joined local trans support meetings, I found there seemed to be more of a focus on people who were not undergoing full transition rather than those who were.

One of the hardest aspects of facing transition was how to manage coming out at work. There was little to no support in this area, and I felt like I simply had to close my eyes and step into the abyss. While I was fortunate to have had a highly supportive and engaged employer, this is not always the case.

For me, education is key; we need to let people recognise that we’re just people. We don’t have to wave flags and march in the Mardi Gras. Most just want to get on with our lives and be comfortable in our own skin.