Trans Counselling QLD offers a number of services for both trans people and to the workplace.  Some options are available globally via services like email & Skype, others are constrained to where we can realistically travel.

Transgender Counselling

We provide one on one counselling with trans people about what happens before, during and after transition.  While we are based in South East Queensland, Australia, we also do offer remote counselling online. For people local to the Greater Gold Coast and Brisbane area, initial consultations are done in an informal, public place such as a coffee shop. There is no pressure to present as your identified gender if you would prefer not to.  Discretion is assured.

Transitioning Guidance

Transitioning is a huge adjustment period for trans people. When we first start to leave the safety of our home to interact with the rest of the world as our identified gender, it can be very daunting.  We have all spent our lifetimes being socialised, that we need to give ourselves time to learn to be comfortable in our new gender role.

We can help you to take those first tentative steps, and to give you an idea of what to expect. We do not give direct assistance with presentation; our focus is on managing your expectations and how to appear less self-conscious. A key concept is understanding that our goal is to be accepted for we are, regardless of how we are presenting ourselves.

Workplace Education and Transition

Being able to present as your identified gender within the workplace is one of the biggest steps we take to living full-time as our authentic self. Trans Counselling QLD can work with you and your employer from initial contact through to transitioning fully at work.

We can guide you through each step of the process and provide guidance and support for both the trans person and their work colleagues. We understand that while our gender identity is a very personal thing, transitioning is a journey not only for the trans person undergoing transition, but also the people that they interact with on a day to day basis.

Workplace Peer Support

When a trans person is transitioning, or has transitioned in the workplace, it is very important that there be someone who both the person transitioning and their work colleagues can talk to about any concerns or issues they may have.

Trans Counselling QLD can come to your workplace and act as both a mediator and a counselor to help if a staff member is unsure how they should act when interacting with the trans person.  Sessions may be done one-on-one, or as a group session.

Peer support can be useful for those who have transitioned already but are experiencing discomfort or difficulties, or for those who are still within the transition process.

Workplace Gender Identity and Gender non-Conformity “Health Check”

Whether you have staff who are intending to undergo transition, post-transition staff or wish to ensure that your organisation is a safe and supportive environment for both staff and customers, Trans Counselling QLD can come to your workplace and revie HR processes and documentation to ensure that they are transgender and gender-nonconforming inclusive.

We can help to train staff to be respectful for trans and non-binary people, and to address them by the name and gender with which they identify, and to review existing documentation for issues such as only providing gender binary options.

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Community Forum

We host a well-established Community Forum where people can openly and comfortably talk about their experiences in a secure peer environment.

Transgender Support Community Forum
Transgender Support Community Forum

Community Support is very important but we often need a bit more one-on-one time with people who have been there before who can be in our corner. There are advantages to speaking with someone that can’t be achieved any other way. People are often afraid of the directness of this type of engagement but it is a powerful step towards a truly successful transition to a happy new life.

Why Talk To Us?

Dealing with gender dysphoria and transitioning can be very daunting. Only other people who have been through the experience tend to truly understand what it is like to be transgender.

Trans Counselling QLD is a support service that can help you through the transition process, from coming out and transitioning in the workplace to dealing with the pitfalls of post-transition. Consultations are casual and informal in a public place, where you can chat openly and freely with someone who has deep, personal experience in living with and surviving gender dysphoria. Our service is for anyone seeking support or information about transitioning or living post-transition.

If you are a business with a trans person who has approached you about transitioning, then we can also help you to guide the process to minimize the stress and trauma on both the trans person and other staff. We can also provide education and peer support to staff about transgender and gender-related issues.